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Dispensary Application Guide & Checklist

Dispensary Application Guide & Checklist

  • $ 199.00

Our Downloadable Marijuana Business Application Guide, roughly 50-pages, is designed as a detailed summary and checklist of all the action items you will need to complete prior to submission. From team building activities, financial modeling, inventory control, patient education, to real estate selection, to local lobbying and/or community efforts.

Marijuana Business Application Guide Price: $199

Upgrade to an Application Guide customized to your State of Choice by placing an order for a Custom Marijuana Business Application Guide here

Topics include:

  • Bill/Act/Law Recap Sample
  • Organization Registration
  • Fees Schedule
  • Requirements
  • Marijuana Business Licensing Info
    • Dispensary, Cultivation, Processing, etc.
  • Program Timeline
  • Required and recommended Team Members
  • Real Estate Tasks
  • Financial Planning and Projections
  • and More

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