California Marijuana Facility State License Application Template Package

This application package is customized to AB 266, AB 243 and SB 643, collectively, the laws that expanded the state’s current Medical Marijuana Program to allow for a state regulated dispensary system. The template was created by industry experts and follows California’s Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation guidelines. The application package is roughly 60 pages in length and is derived from content that has won Marijuana Licenses across the United States of America. Ensure you are compliant and purchase our California Medical Marijuana Facility State License Application Package Template.

California Medical Marijuana Facility State License Application Package Template Includes the following Operating Procedures for a Retail Storefront (Medical and Recreational):

  • Transportation (Delivery)
  • Inventory Control
  • Non-laboratory Quality Control
  • Security

Applicant/Client Responsible for:

  • Cultivation (if applicable)
  • Manufacturing (if applicable)
  • Municipality Information
  • Municipality's authorizing ordinance or resolution
  • Municipality approval
  • Business Floor Plan
  • Business Property Depiction
  • Deed or Lease Agreement
  • Verification that premise meets zoning compliance
  • Proof of Financial Responsibility
  • Insurance policy, bond for facility
  • Criminal History Check

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