Marijuana Security Plan Template

The downloadable Marijuana Security Plan Template is around 25 pages in length. We have developed a comprehensive cultivation and dispensary Security Plan for the protection of your equipment, inventory, products, and more importantly, your people. There are added security challenges that medical marijuana facilities face, so our Security Plan considers many policies, procedures, and systems that provide sufficient protection. 

The Security Plan Template is divided into two main sections: Facility Security and Operational Security. Both categories are designed to minimize security exposure and prevent breaches before they even occur. However, in the event that preventative measures fail, the Operational Security Plan is designed to quickly observe, monitor, protect, counter and report any situations that do occur.

The Facility Security section includes:

• Location and Site Security Characteristics
• Secured Employee Parking
• Around the Clock Coverage
• Security Systems
• Maintenance of Security Systems
• Access Control / Ingress & Egress
• Perimeter Security
• Product Security

The Operational Security section includes:

• Security Threats & Contingency Planning
• Transnational Security
• Delivery Security
• Human Resource Policies
• Employee Security Training
• Inventory Control
• Guest, Media & Visitor Procedures
• Neighborhood Involvement
• Emergency Response

Please Note: All templates are non-refundable due to the nature of our business in selling intellectual property. Template plans are vertically integrated and not specific to any geographic region. You will be responsible for customizing the template plans to fit your market, business and state laws. You will be provided a digital download link to receive the template immediately after purchase.