Dispensary Only Financial Plan Template

Completing your financial business plan can be overwhelming as there are so many factors to consider:

  • – What is the short and long-term financial feasibility of your dispensary?
  • – When will you break-even?
  • – How much medical marijuana all you need to service all your patients?
  • – How many employees will you be able to hire and how much can you pay them?

If you’re having a hard time answering these questions, then you will find this Dispensary Financial Plan Template extremely helpful. You will receive a Financial Plan Template in an interactive Financial Model Excel Template. It’s fully customize-able. 

Our dispensary Financial Plan will not only increase your chances of opening and running a successful medical marijuana dispensary,  but it will give you and your investors a comprehensive 3-year projection of what you can possibly expect when selling marijuana.

The plan has been developed by an experienced CPA and includes information for:

• Income Statement
• Cash Flow Statement
• Production Schedule
• Sources & Uses
• Balance Sheet
• Salaries Worksheet
• Assumptions 

Please Note: Template plans are vertically integrated and not specific to any geographic region. You will be responsible for customizing the template plans to fit your market, business and state laws.