Michigan Marihuana State License Application Template Package

Michigan Medical Marihuana Facility State License Application Template Package - $4,499

This downloadable application package is customized to HB 4209, HB 410 and HB 4827, collectively, the laws that expanded the state’s current Medical Marihuana Program to allow for a state regulated dispensary system and increased the amount of medical marihuana possession for patients. The templates were created by industry experts and follow Michigan Licensing And Regulatory Affairs (LARA) guidelines and applicable rules and regulations. The application package ranges from over 60 - 100 pages in length and is derived from content that has won Marihuana Business Licenses across the United States. Ensure you are compliant and purchase our Michigan Medical Marihuana Facility State License Application Template Package.

Michigan Medical Marihuana Facility State License Application Template Package Includes:

  • Marihuana Facility Plan Template to include Safety and Security
  • Technology Plan Template (3rd party integrating software with METRC)
  • Marketing Plan Template (advertising, propaganda, etc.)
  • Inventory & Record keeping Plan Template
  • Staffing Plan Template (number of employees, training info, hiring info, etc.)

Applicant is Responsible for:

  • Municipality Information
  • Municipality's authorizing ordinance or resolution 
  • Municipality approval
  • Facility Floor Plan 
  • Business Property Depiction 
  • Deed or Lease Agreement 
  • Proof of Financial Responsibility 
  • Insurance policy, bond, or security for facility
  • Attestations

If you require more guidance on the "Applicant Responsible for" section, Dispensary Permits offers custom solutions through our cannabis franchise opportunity, Unity Rd.

If you are interested in learning more about the City and State Licensing Process, read more about our Michigan Application Guide here.

 Please Note: All templates are non-refundable due to the nature of our business in selling intellectual property. You will be responsible for completing and customizing the templates to fit your needs. You will be provided a digital download link to receive the templates immediately after purchase.