Marijuana Facility Interior Design Guide

Need help designing your Marijuana Dispensary or Marijuana Retail Store? Download our Marijuana Facility Interior Design Guide for a Dispensary/Retail Store.

This guide provides you with interior design element samples and can be used to educate designers, architects, engineers, firms that are working on your renovation or construction project and to understand what each room stands for and how to ensure proper facility functionality in the marijuana space. 

The interior design guide is designed to produce an attractive, environmentally safe, operationally efficient and maintainable facility. It is a blend of both retail and medical interior design best practices to ensure your facility functions properly from day one. Well-designed facilities satisfy customer’s needs, instill pride in ownership, promote productivity in the work place and are timeless to ensure you do not have to completely redesign your facility as styles and market changes.

Please Note: This product is a pre-order and will be delivered via email in 5-7 business days. No returns or refunds. Subject to availability.