2020 Marijuana Business Opportunities Package

Our 2020 Marijuana Business Licensing Opportunities Package is for any entrepreneur interested in opening a marijuana business in the United States. The package is designed to educate and prepare you for upcoming marijuana business opportunities and consists of the following products:

2020 Marijuana Business Licensing Opportunities Document
This is an overview of the states with open and/or upcoming marijuana business license opportunities. The document provides an option to be redirected to a page with additional information on each state's laws and business licensing structure. 

Marijuana Industry Update Timeline Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet provides a timeline of Marijuana Industry updates for all 50 states, so you can see the state’s progress on marijuana legalization and business news up to the week of purchase.

Marijuana Business Application Guide & Checklist
Our Downloadable Marijuana Business Application Guide, roughly 50-pages, is designed as a detailed summary and checklist of all the action items you will need to complete prior to submission. From team building activities, financial modeling, inventory control, patient education, to real estate selection, to local lobbying and/or community efforts.

The guide provides a sample application and step-by-step checklist for completing it.

Topics include:

  • Bill/Act/Law Recap Sample
  • Organization Registration
  • Fees Schedule
  • Requirements, Prohibitions & Penalties
  • Marijuana Business Licensing Info
    • Dispensary, Cultivation, Processing, etc.
  • Program Timeline
  • Required and recommended Team Members
  • Real Estate Tasks
  • Financial Planning and Projections
  • and More


Once you've placed your order, the Application Guide & Checklist will be instantly downloadable and a Dispensary Permits representative will send you the most updated 2019 Marijuana Business Licensing Opportunities Document and 2019 Marijuana Industry Update Timeline via email within one business day.