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Dispensary Application Guide & Checklist

Our Dispensary Application Guide & Checklist are customized to State Specific Medical Marijuana Programs and are roughly 50-pages. The Guides are designed as a detailed summary and checklist of all the action items you will need to complete prior to application submission for a dispensary/cultivation/processing license. From team building activities, financial modeling, inventory control, patient education, to real estate selection, to local lobbying and/or community efforts.

Topics include:

  • Bill/Act/Law Outlined
  • Program Regulations Outlined
  • Organization Registration
  • Fees Schedule
  • Requirements
  • Marijuana Business Licensing Info
    • Dispensary, Cultivation, Processing, etc.
  • Program Timeline
  • Application Details
  • Required and recommended Team Members
  • Real Estate Tasks
  • Financial Planning and Projections
  • and More